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Applying for Development Approval

The Seville Grove estate is located within the Champion Drive Planning Precinct.

Development Application
To build a home or grouped dwelling in Seville Grove, you will need to lodge a Development Application. Construction of a single house on a lot greater than 260m2 may be exempt from requiring development approval.

The following link contains the relevant planning documents and information you will need to lodge an application or to determine if your development is exempt from requiring an application: www.mra.wa.gov.au/projects-and-places/armadale/planning-approvals

For further information on the approval process, please contact the Planning department at DevelopmentWA:
Tel: (08) 9482 7499
Email: gpo.planning@developmentwa.com.au

Building License
Once issued with development approval, you will be required to then lodge an application for a Building License with the City of Armadale.

For further information on the Building License application process, contact the City of Armadale:
Tel: (08) 9394 5000
Email: info@armadale.wa.gov.au

To download a copy of this information, How to apply for development approval click here