Q - What is the Mandurah Junction project?
A - Mandurah Junction is a 15ha site located next to the Mandurah train station being transformed into a high quality residential development for up to 2,000 people, offering a vibrant community with a distinctive laid-back Mandurah vibe.

Q - Where can I find a plan of Mandurah Junction?
A - The Outline Development Plan (ODP) is available here.

Q - When will land be available to purchase?
A - The final four single residential lots in Stage 2 are available. Stage 3A lots have been released and are now available by private treaty. A range of development opportunties are also available. For more information, please visit the  Land For Sale page.

Q - What height will buildings be at Mandurah Junction?
A - The maximum height is six storeys; however the majority will be between two and three storeys. Refer to the Outline Development Plan here for more information.

Q - What consultation was done on the Mandurah Junction project?
A - Stakeholder engagement and community open days were held in 2009 and 2010.
Feedback from the community and stakeholders helped shape the plan for the project.
We are continually in contact with the local community. If you would like to contact DevelopmentWA, call Development Manager Jon Bailey on 9482 7580.

Q - How much public open space has been provided in the development?
A - Approximately 4 hectares of new parklands are now open for the public to enjoy.

Q - How can we be kept informed of the progress of the development?
A - The DevelopmentWA website is updated regularly. You can also like the Mandurah Junction Facebook page to stay informed.


Q - Who manages the operation of the Mandurah Station parking?
A - The Public Transport Authority (PTA).

Q - How can I find out about bus and train services in Mandurah?
A - Visit the Transperth website for all timetables and a journey planner or call the InfoLine on 13 62 13.

Q - How many car parking bays are at Mandurah Train Station?
A - There are approximately 1,100 parking bays. Parking within the Mandurah Train Station carpark is managed by the PTA.

Q - Will additional parking be provided at the Mandurah Train Station for park and ride users?
A - The PTA upgraded its car park capacity by approximately 280 bays in 2010. As there is no additional land available for parking, where possible, the PTA encourages more people to walk, cycle and use bus services to access the station.

Q - Are there any cycle facilities at the train station?
A - Yes there are bike facilities for up to 80 bikes. This includes bike lockers, shelters, ‘u rails’ and a motorbike shelter for motorbikes and scooters.


Q - Are there any other ways I can get to the train station other than driving?
A - Within Mandurah there is an extensive bus network that commences at 5.30am on weekdays. Additionally, cycle facilities are available at the station. New walking access tracks are now available making alternative options such as walking or cycling to the train and bus station more accessible.


Q - Were new trees planted in the development?
A - Approximately 650 new trees – mainly native species such as paper bark, jarrah and tuart have been planted throughout the public open space and streetscape in Mandurah Junction over the duration of the project. This is in addition to the approximately 200 trees which have been retained on site.

Q - Is there a community garden at Mandurah Junction?
A - Yes. DevelopmentWA has worked with Intework, an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Mandurah, to establish a community garden in the Sunday Garden park to the north of the estate. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Andrew White, Intework on 0429 573 067 or greenfields@intework.org or visit our Facebook page facebook.com/mandurahjunction.
For further information contact:
MCGEES – Land Sales Enquiries
Victor Sankey
McGees Property
9476 2005
0418 926 295