The Hamilton Senior High School site is a demonstration infill project targeting the highest level of sustainability. The key innovation measures include urban water management, demolition/construction waste management and ecologically sensitive development that provides a diverse range of homes, reduces energy consumption, mitigates heat impacts and retains landform, trees and biodiversity.

Waste Management
Innovation in waste management at a significant scale. Aiming for 90% of demolished materials are salvaged and crushed to be reused in civil and landscaping works.

Hamilton Hill Wood

Hamilton Hill Crushing

Hamilton Hill Stockpile

Hamilton Hill Stockpile2

Water Management
Hamilton Senior High School redevelopment will showcase integrated water management and Water Sensitive Urban Design Initiatives. A Waterwise Partnership Program has been developed between DevelopmentWA and the Water Corporation providing a unique opportunity to collaborate with key stakeholders, co-design, investigate, document and communicate how Water Sensitive Urban Design can become mainstream practise in Perth's urban developments.

Urban Green
Increasing the existing tree canopy by over 30% to minimise the Urban Heat Island effect.

Fauna Relocation
Five adorable quendas (Southern Brown Bandicoots) were safely relocated to Bibra Lake as part of our Fauna Relocation Program.

Fauna Relocation