Development Update

School Closure

Hamilton Hill Senior High School closed its doors on Friday 15th of December 2017. Demolition work began in Autumn 2018.
Many items of furniture and equipment from Hamilton SHS have been donated to other schools and community groups.  Significant trees have been retained and will continue to be watered and fauna was relocated prior to any demolition works commencing. In addition some building, art works and landscape materials from the school will be incorporated into the new development.


24/7 security is in place to ensure the safety and security of local residents and to protect the site.
The pedestrian bridge across Stock Road will remain open during the closure and demolition period, but there is no longer access through school grounds.

Who to contact?

LandCorp is responsible for the site and associated works for the duration of the development. Please call 9482 7499 if you have any questions. 

City of Cockburn

To view the Local Structure Plan 

Urban Search and Rescue 

The vacant school site has provided a unique opportunity for several community services to undertake practice drills, including the WA Fire Brigade and the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team, which completed major training at Hamilton Senior High School in mid 2018. The opportunity provided access to abandoned buildings over a 24 hour period to conduct a variety of complex rescues. 

Project Timeline


  • June: Site clean up in preparation for Civil works
  • May: Completion of on-site crushing operation (demolition waste recycling)
  • March - April: Preparation and approvals for onsite crushing and reuse of demolition waste
  • February: Demolition completed onsite


  • October: Community inforamtion session held during Local Structure Plan consultation period
  • September: LandCorp lodged Local Structure Plan with the City of Cockburn
  • July: Demolition and ground work commenced on-site


  • December: Hamilton Senior High School closure
  • August: Community information session for the second round of community feedback
  • June - July: Draft concept plans available for community feedback
  • March - May: Aboriginal engagement with SWALSC and local forums to receive feedback fromt he local Noongar community


  • September - November: Community visioning and ideas forums held to examine options for redevelopment