Integrated Project Delivery

To realise the potential of land and property we take a long-term view of State-wide needs and Government policy directions and facilitate positive social, economic and environmental outcomes. Our acquisitions and developments facilitate residential land in centres of activity, and well-located and connected industrial and commercial land throughout metropolitan and regional WA.

Urban regeneration in Metropolitan Perth

Activity in and around metropolitan Perth is largely focussed on urban renewal and back filling development within established suburbs. This approach allows us to optimise existing community infrastructure and create communities with good access to public transport and amenity.

Driving Economic Growth

We play a role in supporting the growth of Western Australia's economy by providing sufficient, well-located and well-connected industrial and commercial land across Western Australia. Our commercial and industrial estates help build more permanent populations, provide growth and employment opportunities, as well as providing improved amenities and services.

Rejuvenating the regions

Our work across regional Western Australia optimises each region's potential and aims to attract and retain permanent populations, support job growth and boost economic development. We continue to play a major part in the State's development agenda providing people living, working and visiting regional Western Australia with permanent, sustainable communities.


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