How to apply for a RDAP Project


Download the application form then complete as thoroughly as possible (the more information you provide, the greater chance of project approval).

Where possible, please include maps, land tenure information, servicing access and capacity as well as approval requirements.

Remember to include a Council resolution in support of your RDAP application.

Additional supporting information that should be included is:

  • Letter(s) of support from Regional Development Commission(s) or other government agencies
  • Extracts from regional economic blueprints
  • Evidence of authority or agreements with RDL for the use of the land if the development area is Crown land.

Applications can either be posted to:

RDAP Applications
Locked Bag 5
Perth Business Centre
Perth WA 6849

or emailed to:
(please use a zip file for attachments which are limited to a maximum size of 20MB)