Frequently Asked Questions

About the Project

What is planned for Ocean Reef Marina?

Ocean Reef Marina is set to become a world-class waterfront precinct providing recreational, tourism, residential and boating facilities. 

When complete, the development will feature 12,000sqm of retail and commercial space, capacity for 565 boat pens and 200 boat stackers, and 1,000+ homes.

Where is the site located?

The marina is proposed to be located at the western end of Hodges Drive, Ocean Reef, within the City of Joondalup.  The site is approximately 28km north of the Perth CBD and 5km west of Joondalup City Centre. 

A portion of the site is currently used as a boat launching facility, car and trailer parking, along with facilities for the Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group and Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club.  These facilities will all be incorporated into the new marina development. 

Why has this location been chosen for a marina?

This site in Ocean Reef has been long identified as the preferred location for a marina development, with a number of community consultation activities and feasibility studies undertaken over the years. 

In addition to the established boating facilities already in the area, the site also offers direct access to Mitchell Freeway and the Joondalup City Centre via Hodges Drive.

Why build the marina?

This site was originally flagged by the local authority in the late 1970s as a potential location for a marina development, envisaged to help meet the demand for additional boat pens in the north metropolitan corridor. 

In addition to this, the development is likely to provide more than 900 local jobs as well as mix of residential and short-stay accommodation and a tourism destination for the surrounding community. 

Why is LandCorp involved?

The City of Joondalup invited the State Government to project manage this development and help realise the community’s vision for the site. 

As the State Government’s land development agency, LandCorp manages more than 150 projects throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia. 

LandCorp’s recent experience with other coastal and marine developments such as Mandurah Ocean Marina, Shoreline and Bunbury Waterfront demonstrates our ability to successfully deliver projects of this nature. 

The Refined Concept Plan

Why refine the Plan?

We have refined the concept plan based on feedback from the community and to make sure that we can deliver a truly world class Marina.

The changes will ensure that the marina is:

  • Appropriate to the location;
  • Providing the amenities and features that the community want;
  • Is environmentally responsible; and
  • Financially sustainable.
What will be the height of development?

We expect heights across the Marina to range from one storey to nine storeys – the same as the previous plan presented by the City of Joondalup. 

Buildings in the refined Concept Plan have been positioned to consider the natural contours of the area.  Higher buildings have been placed on the lower areas of the site, in order to minimise the impact on surrounding homes. 

We will also have Design Guidelines in place to make sure the buildings include quality architectural design and are in line with the vision for the development.   

What boating facilities will be provided?

There will be capacity for 565 boat pens and 200 boat stackers for people wanting to store their boat at the Marina. 

For those with trailers, the existing number of boat ramps (eight) will be maintained, however an improved layout will allow for easier and more efficient access on busy days. 

There will also be 420 trailer parking bays – almost double the capacity of the current carpark. 

How many new homes will there be?

When complete, the Marina will include 1,000+ homes, including apartments, single residential home-sites and mixed-use developments.

What are the economic benefits?

The proposed marina is envisaged to include a number of marine, retail and commercial business opportunities.  Along with the upfront construction related work activity, it is estimated this development could provide more than 900 jobs for the local community. 

What will happen to the ANZAC Memorial?

The ANZAC Memorial will be preserved and included in the new Marina.  We will work closely with the Joondalup City RSL and local community members to find the most appropriate location for this monument. 

When will construction of the marina commence?

On a project of this nature, the planning and environmental approvals processes can take several years.  This may include assembly of the land parcels currently owned by the State Government, the City of Joondalup and Water Corporation, as well as the finalisation of the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment and Public Environmental Review (PER). 

It is estimated that construction will commence in late 2020. 

What will the impact be on traffic?

A detailed traffic management plan will be prepared and approved prior to any construction work starting onsite. 

Traffic modelling will also be prepared during the next stage of planning to make sure the pedestrian, cycling and vehicle network design, as well as the parking allocation, are appropriate for development in this location. 

There are up to 5,300 parking bays already included in the refined Concept Plan. 

The refined Concept Plan also allows for future public transport connections and will be the subject of further detailed planning with the Public Transport Authority and City of Joondalup. 

How long will it take to develop the marina?

Construction of the Marina is scheduled to commence in 2020.  Works will take place across multiple stages, in response to market demand and community expectations. 

Stage one is likely to include the marine infrastructure and preparation of sites for sale to developers.  Some public amenities and early community activation are also planned to be included in stage one. 

Will the boat ramps be accessible during construction?

We understand that the existing boat ramps are used regularly and we will incorporate this into the construction staging.  It is intended that boat ramps will remain available for use throughout the construction period.

Who will manage and maintain the marina once it is built?

The Department of Transport have been identified by as the preferred marina manager subject to a detailed marina management agreement being reached. The marine management options are currently being explored to ensure a long-term sustainable operation model is created to oversee the marina following its completion. 

It is anticipated that the landside public spaces within the marina will be managed by the City of Joondalup.

Will the bushland be developed?

In line with the plans advertised in late 2016, a portion of bushland will need to be removed to allow the Marina development to take place. 

Before any work in this area starts, a Bush Forever Negotiated Planning Outcome (NPO) is required to be approved.  An NPO sets out strategies to help ensure the long term protection of our environment, which may include rehabilitation of degraded bushland in the vicinity of the development and the purchase of ‘offset’ land with similar environmental values. 

How will the marina encroach on Marmion Marine Park?

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) are currently considering how the proposed marina will function within the context of the Marmion Marine Park.

Studies have been undertaken to understand any potential impacts on the marine environment and make sure the development can be completed in an environmentally responsible way.

The highest level of environmental assessment – a Public Environmental Review (PER) – is currently being completed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

We are also working with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and Recfishwest to help manage any impacts on commercial and recreational abalone licence holders. 

When will I be able to live or invest in the development?

A fully integrated marina, tourism and residential development is envisaged to provide multiple opportunities to live, invest or operate a business within the project. The expected planning, approvals and development process is extensive, so it is likely to be several years before sales and leasing opportunities are available.

However, please register your interest to be kept informed as the development progresses.