Ocean Reef Marina

What we're dhu-ing

Update 05.06.2019 - Have you spotted our Botanists at Ocean Reef Marina? Today marks the start of the Winter vegetation survey - mapping the local flora around the site.

These surveys are the first step in helping identify the rehabilitation sites as part of the project's 'Negotiated Planning Outcome' environmental commitments. A follow up Spring flora survey and seed collection will take place later this year.

Refined Concept Plan

Ocean Reef Marina is set to become a world-class waterfront precinct providing recreational, tourism, residential and boating facilities for local residents and visitors alike. 

We have refined the Concept Plan based on feedback from the community and to make sure we can deliver a truly world-class marina development. 

The changes to the plan will ensure the marina is:

  • Appropriate for the location;
  • Providing the amenities and features the community wants;
  • Environmentally responsible; and
  • Financially sustainable.

View the refined Concept Plan or read on for more information. 

What's included in the refined Concept Plan?

Key features of the refined Concept Plan include:
  • Waterfront cafes and restaurants
  • Club facilities linked to a beachside park
  • 12,000sqm of retail/commercial space
  • More open spaces for the community than the previous plan
  • Internal beach
  • Capacity for 565 boat pens and 200 boat stackers
  • 1,000+ homes - no change from the previous plan
  • Up to 5,300 parking bays
  • Marine services located close to boat ramps and trailer parking
  • Residential areas separated from marine services
  • Improved walkability
  • Relocation of the ANZAC Memorial
Additional proposed features include:
  • Waterslide and aqua play area
  • Protected swimming area
  • Improved marine edge treatment
  • Pontoon
  • Snorkel trail

Ocean Reef Marina is being developed by LandCorp on behalf of the State Government, in collaboration with the City of Joondalup. 

Construction is expected to begin in late 2020 and create more than 900 jobs for the local community. 

Artist impressions are for indicative purposes only.