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Applying for Development Approval

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has the planning authority over the Armadale redevelopment area, which includes the Forrestdale Business Park West, home to the Crossroads Industrial estate.

Development Application
To build within Crossroads you will need to lodge a Development Application with the MRA.

The MRA website contains all of the relevant planning documents and information you will need to lodge an application:

Further information about the development application process, including timings and fees, can be found here:

Pre-Lodgement Meeting
To request a pre-lodgement meeting with the MRA to talk through your development application, please contact the planning team:
Tel: (08) 6557 0700
Email: reception@mra.wa.gov.au
Or submit a query online

Building License
Once issued with development approval, you will be required to then lodge an application for a Building License with the City of Armadale.

For further information on the Building License application process, contact the City of Armadale:
Tel: (08) 9394 5000
Email: info@armadale.wa.gov.au

It is recommended that you work closely with both the City of Armadale and the MRA, through the Development Approval and Building License process, to achieve the relevant approvals and requirements.

The MRA recommend that you should pre-consult with the City of Armadale about your Development Application to avoid any issues arising when applying for your Building License. In addition, it is advisable that you inform the MRA prior to lodgement of your Building License to the City of Armadale.

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