Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area

Planned to support the growth of downstream processing of WA's resource industries.

The Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area (Boodarie SIA) comprises 4,000ha of 'Strategic Industry' zoned land and is well located close to Port Hedland to promote and facilitate the processing of the State’s natural resources in the Pilbara region.  Further information on the Pilbara region can be obtained from the Pilbara Development Commission.

The Boodarie SIA is ideally positioned to accommodate downstream resource processing industries related to the iron ore and gas resources of the region. It's proximity and service corridor connections to the Port Hedland Port makes it a key strategic area with the potential to evolve into a world-class heavy industrial estate which specialises in multi-product, downstream resource processing.

The estate is traversed by a number of regional services, including the APA Group gas pipeline, North-West Coastal Highway, Water Corporation infrastructure and numerous power-lines.

Alinta Energy's 210MW gas fired power station currently operates within the Boodarie SIA.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of the Boodarie SIA and LandCorp is the estate developer and manager.

The process for land allocation in the core or buffer areas is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart.

Proponents interested in investing in Boodarie will be required to submit a Proponent Project Proposal to JTSI and LandCorp.

Interested proponents should contact LandCorp.
David Cooper
Development Manager, LandCorp
+61 8 9482 7864


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More information on Boodarie SIA is available below

Boodarie mud map

1.  Location
2.  Land Tenure
3.  Planning
4.  Sustainability
5.  Environment
6.  Services
7.  Native Title
8.  Aboriginal Heritage
9.  European Heritage

1. Location

The Boodarie SIA is situated 4km west of the South Hedland town-site and approximately 12km south of the Port Hedland town-site in Western Australia.

Port Hedland is located approximately 1,650km north of Perth.

There are daily passenger flights from Perth Airport to Port Hedland Airport (approximately 2 hours flight time).

2. Land Tenure

The majority of the Boodarie SIA is Crown land.

When land in the Boodarie core is required by proponents, it will be transferred to LandCorp in freehold ownership and leased to proponents.

3. Planning

The Boodarie SIA is located within the boundaries of the Town of Port Hedland.

Under the Town of Port Hedland Town Planning Scheme No. 5, the Boodarie core is zoned ‘Strategic Industry’ permitting the development of heavy/strategic industries.

A Structure Plan is available, providing a planning framework to guide coordinated development of the Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area and future planning approvals in order to optimise capacity for strategic industrial use.

A 2 - 3km ‘Special Control Area’ surrounds the Boodarie core, acting as a buffer to ensure incompatible land uses do not hinder the development of heavy industries in the estate.

Confirming the Boodarie SIA buffer is adequate for planned uses, the Boodarie SIA Concept Plan for Quantitative Risk Assessment investigated the impact risks associated with land uses at full capacity within their plant boundaries.

A Traffic Report has been completed and informs the structure plan. Among other outcomes the report includes transport modelling to 2031 and takes into account the development of the area through this period.

To inform the design and operation of the Boodarie SIA from an economic, environmental and community perspective an Industrial Ecology Strategy has been developed. The document outlines the industrial ecology opportunities for the Boodarie SIA, and its implications for the BSIA Concept Plan.

4. Sustainability

An Industrial Ecology Strategy has been undertaken as part of the Development Plan.  This strategy provides a vision for the Boodarie SIA to become a sustainable industrial estate by encouraging the co-location of industries to create synergies such as the re-use of products or by-products.

5. Environment

Flora and fauna investigations have been undertaken over the Boodarie SIA, with results of these investigations supporting development of the site.

A District Water Management Strategy has also been completed to determine the extent, depth and velocity of fresh water flooding and inundation during large storms and cyclonic events.

Further reports informing environmental components of the Structure Plan include:

The Boodarie SIA Geotechnical Report
The Boodarie SIA Flora and Fauna Assessment
The Boodarie SIA Groundwater Monitoring
The Turner River Flood Study
The Boodarie SIA Environmental Noise Assessment
The Boodarie SIA Air Quality Assessment
The Boodarie SIA Coastal Vulerability Report (large file)
The Boodarie SIA Bushfire Assessment

6. Services

The Boodarie SIA is largely undeveloped and unserviced, although a number of regional services, including the APA Group gas pipeline, North-West Coastal Highway, Water Corporation infrastructure and numerous power-lines traverse the estate.

Proponents requiring services will most likely be required to establish those services on-site or extend service infrastructure to the estate.

The State also encourages the establishment of independent service providers within the estate.

7. Native Title

The Native Title claimants over the Boodarie SIA are the Kariyarra people.

Currently, 200ha within the Boodarie core is not subject to Native Title.

8. Aboriginal Heritage

An Aboriginal Heritage Report has been completed for the Boodarie SIA and a number of sites have been identified.

All ground disturbing activities within the Boodarie SIA likely to disturb an aboriginal heritage site are subject to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (WA). 

9. European Heritage

There are currently no known European heritage sites within the Boodarie SIA.